Tot School

My son won’t sit still, so I apologize for slightly blurry photos.  I included them anyway so you could get a sense for the activity.
Small Spaces:
 Ten bead bars into parmesan container (don’t tell Maria Montessori about my mis-use of materials!) I tried pipe cleaners, but they kept bending and frustrating him.
He was trying to get various balls into this jar.  Finally he reached into his imbucare box and pulled out the wooden ball and discovered it fit in the jar.
For the experiment in which we made a cloud in the jar, we needed a big block of ice.  J-jo enjoyed sucking on that and discovering how cold it was.
I made a sensory bin of ice cubes and the block of ice and penguins for both J-jo and Bear to play with.
We moved it into the sink and added a spoon for stirring the penguins.
Art Museum:
J-jo did sit at an easel and try to use the markers on the dry erase boards, but ended up eating more marker than drawing with it.  He played with the still life fruit after that.
The metallic wall on which you can place objects with magnetic strips was a hit, although he actually preferred tasting everything here too.
Can’t wait for the mouthing stage to end.
This was a shape sorting table.  He spent a long time sitting on the table playing.
Bonding Time:
Bear teaching J-jo how to do a puzzle.

Things that Move:
Very much a typical boy.  He loves cars!
He loves exploring his tambourine.
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