Tot School

Here are some of J-jo’s favorite tot school items.  
 Flipping lids.  He needs some help to do this.  This was originally for Bear, but J-jo likes it better.
 Clothespins on a small whiteboard.  The point of interest is getting them out of the little wooden box.
 Lacing card.
 A repeat of the clothespin color game I made Bear two years ago.  He can pinch the clothespins open himself but needs me to hold the canister and maybe twist it a little if he isn’t well oriented.  His pincer grasp can’t hold the pin open for very long so he has to act fast to slip it in place.
After you have clipped them all on the rim, you remove them, put the lid on and push them in the little hole.  Much easier work than pinching.  He says “ouch” each time he pinches a pin open and acts all dramatic and wants me to kiss his fingers.  🙂  (It’s not really hurting him as he is laughing as he says ouch.)


His most preferred activity however (unlike his sister who loved to sit and “work” with me at 18 months and already knew all her letter sounds and numbers) is kicking a ball, feeding and toileting baby dolls, and zooming and vrooming his toy cars and trains.

J-jo is teaching me a lot:
1. Don’t compare your children.
2. Play is important and let him just play.  He has years and years to learn letters and numbers.

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