Tot School

Play dough.
Playing with plastic insects. 
He can match the bugs when I show him one and ask him to find me the other.
Attempting to bake with Mommy.  It seems to me Bear was a bit more helpful at his age and not just wanting to eat the dough.  He had a complete meltdown because he wanted to eat the dough and I wouldn’t let him because of the raw egg.  Thankfully my husband was home and took care of that while Bear and I finished making the gingerbread!
He loves books and often can be found “reading” to himself.
Buttons in a mini muffin tin.  I supervised this so closely because he still puts everything in his mouth.  He loved the clinking sound of the buttons hitting the tin.
Figuring out how to get his hand inside the Cheerios bag and subsequently helping himself to a snack. 🙂
He discovered the Do a Dot markers and fell in love!
Technically he shouldn’t be touching the cylinder blocks but he is so drawn to them that I let him play with this one.  It was very interesting because he went to where I keep the mats and pulled out the one he is sitting on.  Then he tried to spread it out (I helped him).  After he’d done that, he went to the shelf to get the block (too heavy for him, so I carried it).  he must have internalized the sequence of steps Bear does when getting her work out.

I presented to him how to take them out with the tripod grasp and how to put them back in properly.  I was very impressed that he could imitate me.
My favorite photo this week is him settled to watch TV at the Gymboree store in the mall.  When we walked past Gymboree later, he remembered and wanted to go back in for more TV! CIMG5812

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