Tot School

 J-jo is 15 months old.
There is so much learning happening in every day things.  We read a lot and J-jo is repeating most of the animal sounds from the books.  He has started “reading” aloud.  Before, he would just look at the pictures, but now he “talks” as he looks, making it seem as if he were reading:) He understands an enormous amount and can follow simple commands.  He is very independent and tries to do many things for himself.  One day this week we found him shirtless as he had taken off his own top.  I’m still not sure how he managed or why he wanted to be half-naked, but he did.
Of course, he loves to imitate his sister.  Often he goes to our calendar area and wants to point to the cards as he sees his sister do.  She left the pointer where he could reach it and thankfully I found him before an eye could get poked out.  The pointer has been banished into a closet until further notice!
  We’ve been playing “Twinkle, Twinkle” to learn colors and matching.  I always bombarded Ber with everything at once when she was J-jo’s age.  With J-jo, I try to break things down more.  We’re focusing on red, blue and yellow right now. I line up one set at one end of the room and then come back near J-jo and sing,
“Twinkle, twinkle, little blue star, 
how I wonder where you are.
Over there I see you bright.
Can you make them match up right?  
Twinkle, twinkle little star, 
how I wonder where you are.”  
Then I hand him the blue star and he is supposed to put it down next to the color star I just sang.
 I was pretty shocked when he actually matched them! 
 He keeps asking to pull this out of the closet but he isn’t quite ready for it.
 I am rearranging the playroom half of the school/play area and created a little hideaway for them.  J-jo likes to go there and read or snack.
 Bear really loves the pan flute and J-jo managed to sneak in a turn.
 More work on colors: I had a file with all the cars from the story Freight Train.  I have no clue where the file is from.  I downloaded it about 2 and a half years ago.  I printed it out and laminated and we use them as I read the story.  Soon I hope to ask for one of the cars and have him give it to me.
 Nature provides the best sensory experiences.  I have loads of leaves to rake.  It makes for great play for them (and fabulous photo opportunities too).
 He is showing a lot of interest in letters and sounds so I am following his lead.  Melissa and Doug puzzle and (large) objects paired together allow him to make a connection between what the letter looks like and an object that begins with that sound. I don’t teach him letter names, just letter sounds and I use all the short vowel sounds.

 W for water.
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