Tot Shelf

Top left: counting toy, clothespins, map of the world puzzle
Middle shelf: geometric solids, sorting ball shaped erasers, matching buttons by color on a strip
Bottom shelf: cotton swabs in honey bear (seen on Chasing Cheerios), knobbed cylinders.

This puzzle is on the table in front of the shelves – this set comes with so many pairs, but I have three out for him.  He has a short attention span so this keeps him challenged enough without him leaving partway through.

His sister played roll and find the color with him.  He is really not into matching and finding objects of certain colors, but he watched Bear do it so I’m  hoping he picked something up.  
I never know just how much he knows because, unlike Bear, he won’t perform for me.  So I still have no clue if he knows his colors. 
This is linked to 1+1+1=1