We use our iPad 2 every day for school and entertainment (that is, for reading on the Kindle app). It gets carried around the house by little hands and also gets tossed (so to speak – I do try to be careful) into my bag when we go out.  Consequently, it was imperative we find a strong, protective case.  I first read about Trident Case on another blog and it was fortuitous that we were sent the Trident Kraken A.M.S for iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4 for review, just as our first case was biting the dust.  These cases can be enjoyed by all ages and cost $69.95.

When the Kraken A.M.S case arrived, my husband put the case on for us.  He made it look really easy.

I take the iPad with us to and from gymnastics twice a week and the iPad pretty much gets placed into the bag and then buried by everything else.  I feel the iPad is well protected in this case.  The screen protector has remained unscratched.  The screen responds well through the screen protector, and the sound comes through clearly (probably due to their sound funnel technology). I like the hard outer case because it feels sturdy.  The case is not that clunky, but is thicker than other cases.

The features I appreciated most:

  1. Great color choices.  The main part is black, but the silicone portion can be a different color.  You can choose from black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange, and maroon. I chose blue because my whole family loves blue.
  2. A hard polycarbonate outer shell with a silicone inner shell for extra shock absorption.
  3. There is a built in screen protector and it doesn’t seem to scratch easily.
  4. The silicone corners are double thick for extra protection.
  5. Silicone plugs and dust filters protect device power-ports, audio-jacks and speakers.
  6. These cases are made in the United States.

Apparently, you could drop it 26 times from 4 feet.  I wasn’t about to test that for you.  I don’t trust any case enough for that, but during the time of our review, the case has protected our iPad when it fell onto a concrete floor from my son’s lap (he was sitting on a chair).  Also, it has been tested to withstand sand blowing at it for 3 hours at 59 feet per second (per Trident’s website), so this might be the case for you if you are often at the beach with your iPad.


  1. The silicone plugs and corners are easily knocked askance.  However, it isn’t that big of a deal; we just nudge them back into place.  Yet, if we were at the beach it might be more problematic, what with the sand blowing into your device. Also, perhaps I would be more annoyed by it if I had actually purchased it.  At gymnastics one day, a little boy was hovering over J-jo while J-jo played the iPad, and this little boy kept pushing the silicone bits in and out of their holes.  This made me a bit nervous and also made me wonder how they would withstand days in and days out of being played with in that manner.
  2. The price of $69.95 is expensive for us and had we not been blessed with this review item, it might not have made it onto our priority list.  Our previous case was significantly cheaper.
  3. The case does not close.  I like covers that close over and cover the screen because you can fold it under and use it as a stand, but I have decided to get over it and not let it bother me, because overall, I would rather a more protective case than a stand.  You need to buy a separate accessory for the Kraken A.M.S. if you want to prop it up.

I do recommend this case. We love ours! It is sturdy and I especially think it is fantastic for families. I wish it weren’t so expensive, but the fact that it is made in the United States helps me feel better about the price.  If I were single, I might choose a different case, but Trident Kraken A.M.S. is exactly what my family needs.

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