Wassily Kandinsky Part 1

I am trying to start a little bit of art appreciation with Bear.  I am going to try to introduce her to a new artist each month.  I don’t have a set plan of which artists I’ll use yet.  Still working on it.  Our first artist though is Wassily Kandinsky.
First I shared the following information with Bear.

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow, then moved to Germany to study art.  He studied the human form and painted realistic figures at first, but always tended to use color to show emotion and mood.  Later he moved to France and adopted the impressionist style (like Monet).  Eventually he just went full on abstract.  He wanted to recreate in painting what we feel when we listen to music.  The example given where I found my information (forgot to save the link) compared it to listening to The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.  You feel the seasons without actually seeing the rain, the snow, the sun….  So that’s why he stopped painting even hints of the figures.
I had Bear show me on our world shower curtain the three countries in which Kandinsky had lived.  (The shower curtain is from Target – it was about the same price as some paper world maps I have been wanting, but the versatility of the shower curtain – ie. we can WALK on it – convinced me to get it.)
We looked at his well-known circle color study and Bear proceeded to paint her own, with a little help from me in placing some circles in wax crayon on the paper.  Bear was having perfectionistic issues over this painting so I had to paint on her paper a bit more than I would have liked to (that middle circle furthest from Bear).

The finished art.
Now to find a frame.
(Thank you to Paint Cut Paste for the inspiration.)