I feel SO blessed to have had the chance to review the ARTistic Pursuits curriculum!  ARTistic Pursuits is a curriculum that spans preschool through 12th grade. We got to review ARTistic Pursuits book 1 geared for K-3. The link shows you sample pages of two of the lessons.  You can preview lessons from each of the books.

Each of the k-3 books (there are 3) are $42.95.  The books are bound with thick pages.  The first book, the one we reviewed, covers lessons on What Artists Do, What Artists See, and Where We Find Art.  Each lesson is 3 pages.  The first page is an introduction to the theme.  In lesson 1, Artists Compose, the introduction talks about how artists place things together to create something new.  The text reads well and is written to the student.  The second page of each lesson is for art appreciation.  Photos of great art are found, with blurbs explaining a bit about it.  In the case of lesson one, the blurb mentions the composition of the piece.  There are also questions to ask the student (or for the student to read) to have him focus on certain things in the painting.  I absolutely LOVE this.  The third page of each lesson is the project for the student. The directions for the project are clear and easy to follow and includes photos of a student sample.

The first volume focuses on Ancient art.  This will tie in perfectly with our Classical Conversations Cycle 1 next Fall.  In the meanwhile, we have been working our way through the first 17 lessons, which are more about what artists do when they create art.  

Bear loves this curriculum and so do I. I was right there drawing with her and was so absorbed, I forgot to take pictures:)  I will be purchasing the other volumes after we finish this first one.  It reminds me a lot of the Artists and Art lessons I do with Bear, but with ALL the work done for me already.  I’ve come to the conclusion this year that I would rather pay money to have it done for me and use the extra time to be with my children.

You can purchase ARTistic Pursuits Level 1 for $42.95.  ARTistic Pursuits also sells the artist supplies required by the curriculum (or you can find them at your nearest art store).

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Disclaimer: I received ARTistic Pursuits Volume 1 in exchange for this honest review.