We Play – Mud Pies

I love the mud pie kitchens here and here and here.  We are going to create a little natural playground for Bear and J-jo with a big rock and some stumps in the near future, (where the tree/ bush is behind the chair) but in the meanwhile, I am making do with what I have to create them their very own mud pie kitchen. 
Or sand pies as the case may be.
 The big plastic bowl on the chair is the “kitchen sink”. A board across the sand box acts as a counter/table.  I will be going to the thrift store to see if I can round up some cheap wooden spoons and metal bowls and we will put away the sand toys for our beach trip. 
The tree/bush in the background has been adopted by Bear as her “house” and she spends a lot of time pretending in there. We have plans to find some stumps for her to use as table and chair in there.
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